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If It Ain’t OK, Fix It

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
If it ain’t ok, fix it.

I love the double meaning this quote has when you play with the font.

It’s a challenge to resist the magnetic draw of the status quo, even when you know you need to make a change. It’s easier to keep going on the same path.

This is going to be awkward.


“Each transition requires a new skill. Each skill we acquire throws everything off a bit until we figure out how to incorporate it. That’s what growth looks like.” ~ Rob Hatch, Owner Media Group


When I start working with a new client it’s exciting for both us. Then it’s only exciting for me for a bit.

That’s because they haven’t been on this path before, and lead hikes on it all the time. Often when I point out the big wins they’re achieving – at the “scenic overlook” – they are a little shocked.

They know it feels awkward and unnerving to be taking new actions in their business but they can’t quite see it through their customers’ eyes yet. That’s the role I play. I’m a whole focus group of ideal customers. I’m watching for things that will turn off or confuse those customers.


…when things aren’t quite clicking, it may not be that something is wrong.


It could be that we’re on the verge of getting something right.

The weird feeling they have hanging out in the awkward zone is soon replaced with confidence. They’ve created a new, better “normal”.

They can market their business to keep it growing while serving current customers. Instead of the old normal – wait until the money is only trickling in and then desperately throw everything and anything out there in the hopes of attracting someone.

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