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How to Use LinkedIn Name Pronunciation Feature

Have you added a 10-second personal message to your LinkedIn profile yet? 

The Name Pronunciation feature on your LinkedIn profile can be used for a lot more than helping people say your name correctly. It can be a mini radio ad for your business! Use it to state who you help and the benefit of working with you [aka your elevator pitch].

  • You can only create the message on the mobile app for phone or tablet. 
  • It allows ten seconds of audio. 
  • When you’re finished it will appear as a sound icon next to your name.

I highly suggest you write out your message before you go to record it – ten seconds fly by! According to estimates for radio ad scripts, ten seconds = 20-23 words. 

Here’s my script [21 words]: Hi, I’m Melinda Thomas a sales and marketing leader who creates strategy, processes, and team alignment to drive revenue and growth. You can listen to it here.

Other LinkedIn Message Examples

I collected a few other real LinkedIn profile message examples to help you figure out what to say. (Obviously, the names and businesses have been changed ☺)

  • “Hi I’m Sherlock Holmes. If I can introduce you to someone or help further your business or mission, I’d love to support you.”
  • “Hi, I’m Jack Sparrow, partner and managing director at XYZ Marketing Solutions. We make complex ideas easy for your audience to understand.”
  • “Hi, this is Clark Kent with ABC Design. I help brand events, nonprofits and community outreach programs.”
  • “Jane Eyre, PR specialist. I help accountants, attorneys and doctors get in the news to grow their practice and their business.”
  • “I’m Aaron Burr, storyteller for academic institutions.”
  • “I’m Selina Kyle, virtual assistant. I work with accounting professionals to get things done and make their jobs easier on a daily basis.”

Practice Your Message

Once you have your message written, PRACTICE it! 

You will save yourself time and frustration if you practice saying your message out loud a few times before you try to record it. I set the timer on my phone for ten seconds and practiced it, so I knew how fast or slow I needed to speak.

Record it on the LinkedIn app

To record it, first go to the app on your phone or tablet. You cannot do it on your desktop.

On the mobile app > click on your profile icon> choose View Profile >then click the pencil to open the edit page. 

  • Click on Record name pronunciation > Hold down the blue microphone during the entire process and speak clearly. (You will get a red warning at the five-second mark.) 
  • You can preview the message to make sure it sounds good and re-record until you are satisfied with it. 
  • Tap Apply when you are done > then click Save in the upper right corner.

You should now see the sound icon next to your name.

Just like other areas of your profile, be creative and change it up from time to time!