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How to Lose Current and Potential Customers in 30 Days or Less!

20+ Expert tips that will bring your business to screeching halt*

(*Lessons learned from my own brilliant business career)

These tips will help you free up a lot of time in your business!

Don’t buy coffee for someone you just met – Wait until they become your customer or they buy coffee for you.

Don’t post, write or talk about anything that is of interest to your potential or current customers – Focus entirely on your industry and what is interesting to you.

Don’t give your card to anyone who doesn’t look like your ideal customer After all, that person standing in front of you in sweat pants at Walgreens couldn’t possibly be the CEO of a company that needs your product or services.

Don’t follow up on conversations you have with prospective customers – This might lead to a mutually beneficial relationship, where those people want to buy your products or services.

Don’t post anything on social media about your passions or struggles – People might get the impression you ARE human like them.

Don’t call people you haven’t spoken to in a long time because you’re embarrassed that you haven’t talked to them in a long time – This works great for personal and business relationships.

Don’t send out any newsletters or email marketing until it’s perfect – This will help you avoid promoting your business and getting new or repeat customers. PLUS – it helps people forget about you.

Don’t attend more than 2 networking events per month – This is the best way to avoid talking to anyone who might be looking for your products or services.

Don’t handwrite thank you notes – Everyone sends emails. Plus, your handwriting is really bad.

Don’t offer to do something extra for a client They will tell their friends and family, which could lead to new customers.

Don’t find ways to help people who aren’t ready to be your customers yet – They might think you’re not in it for the money.

Don’t be specific about who your ideal customer is –  You might exclude customers that don’t need you. If someone asks just say, “I’m looking for anyone with a face. Oh, and money.”

Don’t ask people what they are struggling with – They might tell you, you’ll feel like helping them, and you could gain or retain a customer.

Don’t tell anyone about the charity work you do – They might think you don’t have any real customers or that your services and products aren’t worth paying for.

Don’t use terms your customers will understand – Use industry lingo so you sound like an expert. This will make them feel insecure and confuse them into finding someone else to spend their money with.

Don’t read or take any courses to learn new things – It’s time consuming and you know enough already.

Don’t offer to be a speaker at events – You might share your expertise and capture the interest of a whole room full of prospective customers.

Don’t refer customers to your competition if you can’t help them – Let your customers struggle and figure it out on their own.

Don’t offer any new services – You’ll have to change your website and business cards.

Don’t ask people what they need – They’ll just tell you.

BONUS: Don’t reach out to your competition to share referrals – They might give you some and then you’ll have to contact more prospective clients.

If you’ve been using any of these techniques in your business – STOP IT!

Getting your business back on track or on “What’s Hot” list is as easy as changing up the way you think about it. When you find yourself stuck in neutral, ask yourself, “What does everyone else do?” and then do the opposite! Or tweak it a little. Add your personal style to it.

If you’re still stuck or want to start really standing out in your business, let’s talk. It’s free, you’ll feel more inspired, and I promise it will be fun!