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How To Find Your Customer’s Questions (So you can answer them)

You’ve heard the phrase, “Give the people what they want!”

And I’ll bet you’ve heard one of the best ways to market your business and build your online presence is to share your knowledge.

What do your customers want to know, that you could help them with?

The obvious answer is to ask your customers. But sometimes that feels awkward so we put it off or don’t do it.

Plus, I assume everyone knows what I know. Maybe you think that too.

Well, we’re BOTH wrong!

You know more than you realize, so SHARE IT!

You say you’re not a writer?

Don’t write it. Do a video!

If that makes you start to sweat, there are other ways.

Find & Share Other People’s Stuff

Use your expertise to find and share articles, videos and tips that have been written or recorded by people you respect.

Finding resouces created by others, and offering your opinion will set you apart as someone who CARES enough to share answers.

Now, back to the original question – if you don’t ask your customers what they want to know, how else could you find out?

2 AWESOME, Overlooked Ways to Find The Questions to Answer

Guy from Answer the public

This strange guy will help you find the questions to answer.

I LOVE this free tool!

You put in a topic or keyword into the search window on AnswerthePublic.com, and it gives you the actual questions people are typing into Google and Bing. You will see what your audience wonders about or keeps them up at night.

No matter what keyword you search for, there’s usually a wide variety of questions. For instance, I got 190 questions people are asking about the topic of construction!

Here’s a link to a video I created that includes an overview of Answer The Public.

BONUS: If YOU write an article that answers a question well, you could end up in Google’s featured snippets!

These snippets are bits of information pulled from various websites to give Google users quick answers, without having to click through to a website.

Position Yourself As An Expert

So, they could get the answer and never visit your site, BUT, being in a snippet positions you as an expert in your field in the minds of your audience.

It’s not something you can pay for, like an ad. It’s a free acknowledgment from Google that your article gives people what they want!


Even if your article doesn’t end up in a Google snippet, answering the questions people are asking online can improve your website SEO too.

Your article, which should have the same common (or key) words that were in the questions or meeting topics, will show up in web searches, which could lead people to your site for answers.

How do you create articles to use in your marketing that end up in Google’s snippets?

  • Write articles for your website and LinkedIn profile that give short or list-style answers to the questions your audience is asking.
  • Use keywords or phrases in the answers
  • SEO (‘Nuf said, right?)
    • There are some technical things to consider tweaking. Unless you’re an SEO expert, I’d ask one to do this for you. You’re an expert in your business and your customers are looking for YOU. Don’t take time or energy away from serving them to watch hours of YouTube videos to learn how to do SEO.  In the end, what matters is that you provide your audience with what they’re looking for in a glimpse – if they want to get into more detail, they can always click through to your site.

Do An Online Search For Organizations, Clubs, and Conferences Your Customer Attends

Places to find questions to answer

The questions people are asking are hidden in plain sight!

Meeting organizers create events that feature speakers, keynote speeches, topics and breakout sessions that will interest the most attendees. If your customers attend these events it’s because of several factors:

  1. They have to in order to maintain a certification, grow their expertise, or meet other people like them
  2. They want to because the organizers have plugged into the struggles they are facing and are offering answers.

Topics and meeting titles are all clues to the things your ideal customer is struggling to solve or wants to know more about.

REALLY, Really Overlooked Places To Look Online

Sites like Eventbrite.com and Meetup.com are great sources for your ideal customer’s questions. The group and meeting titles will help you write or find articles that will attract them to you.

Where Are You Finding Q’s?

I’m always looking for new places to “listen” to my customers and discover questions that I can answer. Let me know where are you finding the Q’s to A!

GO Find, Answer, and Share!

Your marketing assignment is to:

  • Find one question to answer this week
  • Share the answer(s):
    • On your social media pages
    • In emails to your customers and prospects
    • With people you meet while you’re networking
  • Don’t ASSUME people aren’t wondering or struggling with something you can help them with – trust me, they are! 
  • SHARE! 

If you aren’t sure about any of this, call or email me! Sharing is the biggest marketing boost you can give your business. It doesn’t cost a penny.

PLUS, if you keep your expertise to yourself, you’re being selfish. It might sound dramatic or extreme, but it’s true.

So, don’t assume and don’t be selfish!

Be helpful in your business, and people will remember, refer and buy from you.