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Gratitude & Celebration are as Crucial as Marketing & Sales

Gratitude and celebration are just as crucial to your business as marketing and sales. Taking time once a week, month, or quarter to reflect on where you’ve been, where you are, and what you’ve accomplished should be part of your business plan. Here are a few ideas for celebrating and appreciating the good things in your life and business.


I am a celebration fanatic. I love celebrating other people’s successes, but I often forget to celebrate the wins in my business. I also tend to forget to stop and appreciate the good things in my life until Thanksgiving. Can you relate?

One of the habits I’ve adopted over the past few wacky months is making weekly celebration and gratitude lists.


“Making even a bit of progress on meaningful work is the single most important factor in having a great day at work. By taking steps to recognize these small wins, leaders can harness the power of intrinsic motivation and keep their teams primed for creative insights and breakthroughs.” ~ Daniel Goleman, Why Small Wins Matter


There is always something to celebrate! I celebrate the tiniest things because I know that doing them leads to more confidence, sales, opportunities, and over-all contentment.


“Small wins can give people an enormous boost emotionally and can really raise their level of intrinsic motivation for what they’re doing and lead to creativity.” ~ Teresa Amabile, Harvard Business School


According to Patrik Edblad,

“This is because any accomplishment, no matter how small, activates the reward circuitry of our brains. When this pathway is opened, some key chemicals are released that give us a feeling of achievement and pride.” ~ Patrik Edblad, The Power of Small Wins


Things I’ve CELEBRATED this month!

  • Figuring out why my online calendars weren’t syncing (I felt like a genius when it finally worked! I was also proud that I kept at it until I figured it out.)
  • Classifying my weekly mileage in MileIQ for the 12th week in a row! (I’m doing it weekly instead of spending hours on it at tax time.)
  • Attending an online networking event with business owners from across the U.S. 
  • Cleaning out my desk! 
  • Consistently working out (It fuels my creativity and optimism!)



“Expressing gratitude is one way to help your business thrive, and often, it tends to get lost in the day-to-day.” ~ Michael Kay, Why Expressing Gratitude is Crucial in Business


Reflecting on and appreciating the good things in your life and business is not just for the Thanksgiving table.


“This is the gratitude effect: a ripple of acknowledgment and appreciation that surges forward, transforming and inspiring us, and improving business outcomes.” ~ Eric Mosley, The Business Impact of Gratitude


Things I’ve been GRATEFUL for this month!

  • Finally getting my haircut again
  • Zoom! I have been connecting with new people and reconnecting with my NYC colleagues
  • A client who referred me to a colleague
  • My virtual assistant, Kira 
  • Extended tax deadline
  • Good health
  • Two dogs that are always happy to see me

Watch this episode of the Business Buzz Show to hear more ideas for celebrating the victories big and small; and appreciating the good things happening in your life and business.

Gratitude & Celebration are as Crucial as Marketing & Sales