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Do the unexpected to stand out

"You can achieve amazing things by doing the unexpected." - Jesse Cole

Jesse Cole is an inspirational business leader who dares to be different in every aspect of his life and has proven that doing the unexpected will create incredible success and joy. You need to know about him because he is an amazing human being, innovative business owner, and inspiring leader.

Jesse is a speaker, author, and owner of The Savannah Bananas, a very successful minor league baseball team.

He lives the values that I know are essential for success:

  • innovation 
  • compassion
  • gratitude
  • fun

He calls himself The Yellow Tux Guy because, well…

Jesse Cole, owner of the Savannah Bananas baseball team, standing on the field wearing a yellow top hat, yellow tuxedo, yellow bow tie, and yellow ruffled shirt!

Jesse’s motto is:
Stop standing still. Start standing out. 

And man, oh man, does he LIVE it!
His emails, books, and keynotes are filled with examples of how his company and others succeed by being “different” in all aspects of business.

This sentence from the promo page for his book, Find Your Yellow Tux, perfectly captures what I am on a crusade to crush – “the norm.”

“…people are in a mad rush to the middle, going about their business and fitting in.”

Daring to be different is powerful.

Your business doesn’t need a gazillion-dollar budget to succeed because, “you can achieve amazing things by doing the unexpected.”

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Here are a couple of links from one of his weekly emails:

Your mission: Have the courage to stand out!
I dare you!

If you don’t know how your company can:

Be Bold.
Be Different.

Stand Out.

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