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Customize Your Customer

As I was trying to explain to someone how detailed you need to be when defining your ideal customer, it hit me. It’s right there in the word.

The most successful businesses CUSTOMize their description with as many specific details as possible. It’s not a range of humans. Does a demographic range or a blank avatar describe YOU?

You are NOT like every other 20 – 75-year-old human.

So, why are you thinking about your ideal customers like a general, faceless, group of humans?

The number one reason I’ve heard is:

“I have a range of products and services that are right for everyone.”

Okay, but is everyone an ideal customer?

Can you name a current customer who is ideal? I know you can name your nightmare customers, because I can. We don’t think about those “special” customers as a range. When we think about them we get a very detailed picture in our minds and bad feeling in our guts. We call them by name. We can describe these unpleasant customers down to the tiniest detail, because the experiences were so vivid and miserable.

Ideal customers don’t leave emotional scars!

On the flip side, it usually takes longer to recall the feelings you have when you are working with your ideal customers. These people are so easy to work with, so kind and appreciative, pay on time, and never cause problems.

I bet you can bring up the feeling of working with them, before describing what they look like, sound like, do for a living, etc.

We should be putting more time and effort into those customers, and finding more of them! They are the foundation of our businesses. They are why we get up in the morning and do what we do. We want MORE of those customers! However, if you don’t create a custom description of them, you’ll keep marketing to and attracting the nightmare clients.

How do you customize your ideal customer?

If you’re still working with an ideal customer range, and getting slow or no results, stop it! Follow these steps to customize your ideal customer description.


On a blank document or piece of paper, list the names of three customers who make doing business a pleasure. Use their first names, if you know them. This is SO important. When you do this, you will get a mental picture of them, which makes it easier to do everything else! These are the customers you LOVE because they:

  • Value you
  • Recommend you
  • Make you feel great whenever you talk or work with them


  • Where do they live? Include details like, their suburb, neighborhood or zip code.
  • Where did you meet them? If you were introduced by someone, include their name.
  • What do they do? Include any job details you know. Remember, everyone does something. For instance, someone who is retired does something with their time.

Include lots of specific details when you answer these questions. This is the KEY to saving time and money on your marketing, products and services!


Sometimes it’s obvious, but more often, it’s not. It could be a personality trait or maybe a background they share. Those are the specifics that will help you promote your business in the right ways and places, to reach MORE customers like them. That’s what you want, right?

Customizing your ideal customer changes the picture in your mind from a robotic, faceless thing to a real person!

Use the insights you discover about your ideal customers as your guide for social media posts, your website, promotions, sales, new services or products to offer, etc.

If you need help with any of this, let’s talk! One of the many ways I help businesses get sales flowing is by guiding them through a marketing strategy session, that usually includes a deep dive into their ideal customer.  In this 3-hour meeting, the emphasis is all on you, your team, and growing your business. You will walk out with a clear, actionable plan for attracting more ideal customers and increasing sales with existing customers!