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Creating a Customer Journey Map

Creating a customer journey map is critical for your business. It provides perspective, ideas for new or improved products and services, and a blueprint for an exceptional customer experience.

study by McKinsey showed that organizations that focus on journey optimization perform better in terms of revenuecustomer satisfaction, and lower cost to serve than their competitors.

It doesn’t matter if you sell directly to customers or if your business sells to other businesses. You are dealing with human beings with emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

People buy from people.

Right now, all people are living through similar circumstances, but the experiences and perspectives may be very different.

Perspective is EVERYTHING.

When you don’t see things from your customers’ perspective you:

  • Lose customers to competitors
  • Miss opportunities to make more money 

Most B2B sellers think their customers are empowered, clear about their needs, and armed with information and the ability to spend their budget anywhere they want to.

B2B customers would never describe it that way.  

Customers say they are: 

  • Overwhelmed 
  • More paralyzed than empowered
  • Deeply uncertain
  • Stressed


Research has revealed that second-guessing occurs in more than 40% of completed B2B purchases.

Many B2B customers are responsible for buying complex solutions or products, such as enterprise software or manufacturing equipment.  

  • The product or solution options increase constantly
  • Each one has a truckload of data to sift through
  • Each purchase involves an army of stakeholders 

Deals can get bogged down or scrapped unless you are aware of what they are dealing with and can meet them where they are.

A customer journey map captures customer thoughts, feelings, and emotions so you can meet them where they are with compassion, answers, and the right resources. 

These details also:

  • Guide research
  • Create shared understanding on your team
  • Help you make smarter business decisions
  • Increase profit 

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