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Business Buzz – How to look Sharp in virtual meetings (Tips for men)

Business Buzz Episode #5: How to look Sharp for virtual meetings (Tips for men)

In this episode of the Business Buzz Show, Tavia Sharp, image consultant and founder of Styled Sharp shares the psychology behind style.  What you wear and your grooming are sending a message to all who see you.

Are you:

  • Projecting your confidence, trust, and integrity?
  • Sending a message that you don’t value yourself or the people you are meeting with? 

Showing up as the professional you are in virtual meetings is not just important today. Video meetings are here to stay! Tavia Sharp is sharing her expertise to help you and the men you know do that and more through image and style. Tavia is an image consultant and founder of Styled Sharp. She helps clients redefine their personal and professional image to become dateable, promotable, and investable in business and beyond. www.styledsharp.com

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(P.S. My dog, Janet makes a surprise guest appearance!)

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Tavia will show you how to put together a look that is right for your role, industry, and goals! Get help from a Sharp-dressing expert!  You can click on her picture or use this link: www.styledsharp.com/consultTavia Sharp Complimentary Consult