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Business Buzz – How to market your business in a crisis

Business Buzz #1: How to market your business in a crisis

In this episode, we discuss what you should NOT be doing right now to grow your business (selling) and what to DO (help, be sensitive, offer relevant info/resources). I’ll show you some examples of businesses getting it right, getting it wrong, and getting creative!

Special guest: Kristie LaRochelle, commercial lifestyle photographer. Kristie shares what she is doing right now to stay connected and relevant to her customers.

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How can the product or service you bring to people on ordinary days, make sense during an extraordinary crisis? 


  • Start or restart your newsletter – send 2x a month at minimum
  • Offer free resources and ideas for your clients – things to inform them or help them
  • Offer a service or product to help them
  • Offer a gift card or package that can be purchased now that:
    • Offers a bonus gift or service with purchase
      OR (Not both – offer a bonus or discount)
    • Significantly discounted – 20-30% off if they purchase by a certain date
  • Commit random acts of delight – send a note to your clients to let them know you are thinking of them, offer a free item, send a $5 Starbucks or Amazon gift card, etc.
  • DO offer current customers something special every month, quarter or year. Here are a few ideas:
    • 10% – 20% discount once a year on a special date (like your business anniversary)
    • Annual gift – a promo item with your business name on it (pad of paper, pen, travel mug, T-shirt, mouse pad, etc.).


  • Sell – this is not the time to badger people about buying from you if your product or service is not directly related to what people need right now, in this moment. For example, this is not the time to offer to install a new pool.
  • 1st-time customers only:  DON’T offer a discount on a product or service that is only available to 1st-time customers. If you do, you have to offer something even better for your current and past customers. Consider how good you feel when your phone service provider offers new customers a better deal than you’re getting – even though you’ve been a loyal customer, paying your bill and keeping their business IN business.

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