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Build Your Business by Showing Customers You Care

Fact: Showing customers you appreciate them will build your business.

Here are two apps that make it easy to appreciate people for their business, referrals, partnership, or just because! 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an Easy button for expressing gratitude and making someone feel special?

Easy is my favorite four-letter word [that is approved for all audiences. My favoritest four-letter word is not.]

But someone, somewhere in history turned ‘easy’ into a word associated with laziness, the lowest skill level, and a few other unflattering things.







A brilliant marketing concept that immediately set Staples up as the go-to place for easily tackling anything business-related that you didn’t want to do because it required work.

The Easy button addresses a human tendency to procrastinate and avoid things that require a lot of effort. They even have the perfect tagline; “Staples. That was easy.”

I have found two tools that make following up and showing gratitude super easy.

1. SendOut Cards


SendOut Cards is a free, business-building tool.


You will love this if you:

  • Dread following up with people but know you need to
  • Hate your handwriting, but want to send a Thank You card instead of an email
  • Forget to send a Thank You card for a referral, new business, or after a customer makes a purchase
  • Want to stand out from your competition and win new business
  • Like sending gifts to clients, but never do it because you don’t have the time to shop, pack, and send them.

It’s a free app. [Free is another great four-letter word!]

  • You only pay for the card you choose and the postage.
  • They also have gifts that you can send along with your card that range from $2 – $200.
  • You can upload your own photos and logo, to make a custom card that still only costs a few dollars.

You pick the card and type a message in any font style (including handwriting). Boom! Hit the Easy button ‘cause you’re DONE!

They make it, add postage, send it, and you look like the most thoughtful person on earth. WAY more thoughtful than the other guys in your industry.

Like any app, there are upgrades if you want them. You can:

  • Choose a monthly subscription that includes discounts on cards and gifts
  • Upload handwriting samples, so your cards have your unique style, and they’re legible 🙂

Give SendOutCards a try. You’ll see how easy it really is to make someone feel appreciated and special!


2. TouchNote

TouchNote Logo



Photo cards that surprise, remind, and touch the hearts of people who receive them!




You will love this if you:

  • Take photos of your clients and want to create a custom photo card for them
  • Constantly forget to send follow up notes and thank yous
  • Have clients outside the U.S.
  • Want to stand out from your competition and win new business

TouchNote is also an app. You can create and send photo postcards or greeting cards worldwide, from your phone.

  • They offer a free trial that includes two free cards, so you can try it out.
  • There are monthly plans or you can pay as you go.
  • They make sending cards and postcards to clients in other countries easy! 

I have sent and received TouchNote cards and the quality is excellent.

Try TouchNote!  

You’ll love the feedback you get from everyone you send them to.

Here are the biggest differences between these apps.

  • SendOut Cardshas a selection of gifts you can send with the cards.

  • TouchNote – lets you easily send cards to clients outside the U.S.

If you need help creating your customer appreciation strategy, give me a call!

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