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people shaking hands

6 Immediate Deal Killers Your customers wish you knew about

Photo by Steven Shircliff on Unsplash

Use the Phil Mickelson approach to beat your competition

LinkedIn Profile banner with arrow pointing to the sound icon.

How to Use LinkedIn Name Pronunciation Feature How to record your message, plus script examples!


If It Ain’t OK, Fix It

Show Customers You Care

Build Your Business by Showing Customers You Care

Caveman pointing

Would a Caveman Understand Your Marketing Message?

Man standing in front of wall of paper work

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Door with lock

How to Avoid Losing Access to Your Customers (and Sales)

Float through summer!

Float Through Summer Without Losing Your Business (or Your Mind)

Biz Buzz - Episode 13

Gratitude & Celebration are as Crucial as Marketing & Sales

Business Buzz Episode 12

Using Video in Email Campaigns

Biz Buzz - Episode 11

Creating a Customer Journey Map

Biz Buzz - Episode 10

Updating your customer journey map for the post-COVID world

Biz Buzz - Episode 9

Identify & Eliminate Customer Frustration Points in Your Sales Process

Biz Buzz Episode 8 graphic

Creating or Updating Your Customer Personas

Biz Buzz - Episode 7 Graphic

Business Buzz – Why & How to Do Email Marketing

Biz Buzz - Ep 6

Business Buzz – High-impact Actions to Take Now

Biz Buzz Ep. 5 Virtual Meeting Style tips for Men

Business Buzz – How to look Sharp in virtual meetings (Tips for men)

Biz Buzz - Episode

Business Buzz – Tips for Setting Up Your Space for Video Meetings


Business Buzz – What to Wear on Video Calls


Business Buzz – Newsletters


Business Buzz – How to market your business in a crisis

Podcast Guest blog header

Podcast Guest: Public speaking without the terror

Title of the blog

4 Critical Business Actions to Take Any Time of the Year

Green Bean Casserole Blog

The Green Bean Casserole is Marketing at its Best

Witch hat and Tiara

Niches are for witches (and smart business owners like you)

Mug of pumpkin spice coffee on a saucer

How To Add Pumpkin Spice To Your Marketing


Why Sharing Competitors’ Articles is Great For Your Business


How To Find Your Customer’s Questions (So you can answer them)


Are You Guilty of TLI?


Are You Making These 2 Costly Email Mistakes?


Do You Have Funnel Vision?


Are You Afraid to Use this Powerful Business Tool?


Customize Your Customer


(Fill in offer) For New Customers Only!


How to Lose Current and Potential Customers in 30 Days or Less!


Blind Dates and Networking Are Part of Life


Could This Make You Forgettable?