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Are You Guilty of TLI?

You’ve heard of TMI (Too Much Information), right?

Usually, it’s associated with someone sharing cringe-inducing information that burns an image into your mind and prevents you from making eye contact with that person for eternity.

Well, there’s also a thing called TLI or Too Little Information.

Like when the waiter recommends the house specialty but doesn’t tell you the main ingredient is the stomach lining of something that had a tail…until you’ve eaten half of it. (True story.)

A less disgusting example of TLI is when someone doesn’t tell you about a great business or service or their own business until you’ve hired someone inferior and more expensive. (Also, true story)

Most of us are worried that we’ll “bother” someone if we share that kind of information. Yet, that’s the information everyone wants!

So, if you have a great experience at a business (big or small) – tell them! They may not have heard it from someone else and could really use a positive word or two right about now.

We ALL want to hear how we are POSITIVELY impacting others. So, tell them.

Then tell other people by:

  • Talking about it at meetings, parties, the grocery store, etc.
  • Posting about it on social media Be sure to let them know by tagging the business or service provider in the post. Just use this format: @NameOfPerson or business – no spaces between names. Example: @melindathomascreative.
  • Reviewing on Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc.

Another way you can avoid TLI is to make it part of your marketing. YES, promoting others is actually one of the best ways to connect with your ideal customer!

30 Days of Helping Someone Else Out

I’m guilty of TLI, so I’m challenging myself to 30 days of acknowledging others. I saw it on LinkedIn when someone acknowledged a colleague of mine. It’s even got an official name, 30 Days of Helping Someone Else Out. You can see how other people are doing putting this hashtag into your internet searching window: #30dhseo.

You can do the challenge any way that works for YOU. It doesn’t have to be 30 consecutive days. It could be 30 Tuesdays or only weekdays or only weekends. You could even start with just a 10 or 15-day challenge. You get to decide.

You also get to decide who to acknowledge, so mix it up!

Do you have a great dentist? What about a financial planner or lawyer? You can promote businesses in your networking groups or that awesome barbeque place you visit at least once a month. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Competitors!
    • Yes, competitors. Especially if they offer a service or product you don’t.
  • Local restaurants or a specific franchise location 
    • If you visit a certain location a lot, you probably know the staff’s names and they probably know exactly what and how you like the things you order.
  • Dry Cleaners 
  • Tailor
  • Bakery
  • Auto Repair Service
  • Dentist, Optometrist, Doctor
  • Nail and Hair Salon
  • Barber
  • Pharmacy

Here’s how to do it!

Every day (or whatever you decide to do) you promote a business that’s not your own. You can also post someone who is looking for a job, looking to hire someone, or something else.

Here’s what to do in every #30dhseo post:

  • Tag them (Add the @ symbol, then ThePersonOrBusinessName. No spaces between words)
  • Add the hashtag #30dhseo
  • Add this text at the end of your post to explain what you’re doing and encourage others to do it too:

Day__ of #30dhseo Every day, you promote a business but not your own. You promote someone else’s business. You can also post someone who is looking for a job, hiring new employees, or something else. Who are you going to promote, acknowledge or help out today?

Remember, the best way to prevent TLI is to put the spotlight on a business or service provider is that awesome so others can have great experiences too.

So, who are you going to promote, acknowledge or help out today?